2018 NBA Election: dangers of Money Politics.

2018 NBA Election

By July this year, the Nigerian Bar Association is expected to have a change of guard. New leadership will emerge to pilot the affairs of the bar for Two years.

Preparatory to that time, the legal atmosphere is getting changed with open and surreptitious, direct and indirect moves by contestant, who are on daily basis struggling to out game each other in institutionalizing their campaign structures nationwide, while waiting patiently for campaign ban to be lifted.

A close observation of the extant political machination by the contestants, with emphasis on presidential seat, and to some extent, the seat of General Secretary, one may be right to entertain fear on what the NBA election may likely recede into in future.

Before we hit the nail, let’s ask:
What is the future of the Bar when contesting for the Two most coveted seats(President and GS) becomes highly money-induced or capital intensive? What will happen to the integrity of the Bar leadership when a contestant is crushing millions of Naira just to have his day? Where would accountability in service be where a contestant is already accounting the huge amount of resources he’s spending?

As it stands, the 2018 NBA election is one campaign season that seem not to separate NBA politics from conventional Nigerian politics. Too much money in display, by some contestants. Some contestants are pushing in millions. Some are paying for bar practicing fee, some paying branch dues, some are providing Flight ticket to major NBA events, some sponsoring young lawyers to conferences, some sponsoring a branch programme. It has become more of “let the highest bidder take it.”

Should NBA politics remain in this state, I am afraid, we may not be different from our national politics. We must address this bad practice before it becomes a monster that we may not be able to tame. This must be addressed starting with the 2018 NBA elections.

NBA constitution review committee, please act.

— Usman Z Idris Esq



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