4 types of entrepreneurs in nigeria

4 types of entrepreneurs in nigeria


Over the years as a consultant and coaching entrepreneurs, I realized there are four major characteristics that cut across entrepreneurs. Understanding where you belong will help you to review your growth strategy.

1. Methuselah Entrepreneurs: They have been doing their business for a long time and they can boast about with no result to show. No improvement, no new things added just the old ways of doing things.
They complain more about how their business line isn’t lucrative because they are broke actually. Don’t blame them, they are the most traditional and redundant among the 4 types of entrepreneurs in nigeria.

2. Do&Miss Entrepreneurs: They are trendy and improving their skills, their competence is on point and they know one of the latest but they lack the ability to deploy the right strategic plans that will make them successful.
They are Over-Sabi but broke folks. You see them, and you are like mehn, this guy is good but broke. What! I consider them the most pitiable of the 4 types of entrepreneurs in nigeria.

3. Ostentatious Entrepreneurs: These sets of entrepreneurs have the ability to rightly position themselves for the best opportunities around. Their problem is competence – Zero competence. They have no investment for personal development. Their lack of competence always spoils their opportunities. They are the over paparazzi entrepreneurs who jump here and there meeting people without substance and value to harness the pool of opportunities around them. They are also mostly broke. It takes a value that is relevant to generate money compensation. This is perhaps the funniest among the 4 types of entrepreneurs in nigeria.
4. Guru Entrepreneurs – these are the real deal among the 4 types of entrepreneurs. They have the right competence and have the capacity to deploy the right strategy and tactics to create visibility that gears consistently growth for them.
They are the trivial minority. Very Few.

What is my point of view writing this? A lot of people in the name of entrepreneurship have this idea that having passion and drive is all they need to succeed. While lots of them are broke and can’t find the difference between why other entrepreneurs are successful while they are struggling.
This is your answer. What type of entrepreneurs are you?
Let me make a clear-cut concise insight about the guru-entrepreneurs.

Guru Entrepreneurs:
To them, the potential is the main thing, the build it. But never stopped at it, they develop the diehard attitude and character fostered by principle and self-discipline on how to do what is right whether it feels good or not – They just do it.

They go as far as packaging themselves, find collaborations, share advantages with other professionals, some even look for mentors in different areas and invest in reading and going to seminars just for the sake of the building the right mental capacity to support strategic thinking.

If you are good and competent and not well positioned, you will never be seen or heard of.

These entrepreneurs understand the layer between competence and strategy and the interpolation that must coexist between the two.

A man with a potential without a strategy will be broke and irrelevant irrespective of all his almighty potential.

Talking from investor’s point of view, potential, talent is shit. An investor care about strategies. Idea fails, potential dies yet the work keeps moving. Everything around you is a proof of a successful strategy deployed over an idea or a potential/talent to create the change and improvement we enjoy today.

What is a strategy in this context?

The ability to use mental alertness to create articulate steps and tactics to achieve set-out plans and rightly deploy the equivalent or higher passion and resilience needed to drive and manage change is what makes the guru-entrepreneur stand out.

Being an entrepreneur is hard, but even harder when you don’t have a good strategy and the right competence to harness the available opportunities around you.

If you are good at what you do and you are broke, then your strategies must be crappy. And if you have a good strategy yet still broke, mhen you have a competence issue.

Potential/service/product/talent must come to meet with good strategies that will drive change must be duly observed.

-Avis Charles
Disruptive Strategist, Business and a Brand Consultant.


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