How to make a living from Nairaland

make a living from Nairaland
make a living from Nairaland

Did you know you can make a living from Nairaland forum and other Nigerian platforms online? The business potentials of a concentration of millions of Nigerians in a one-stop-shop cannot not be over-emphasized. Little wonder Mark Zuckerberg said we need to build communities online to make business impact.

You can make money here weekly, monthly or even daily.

The good thing now is that many Nairalanders are aware of this model and have been using it to rake in hundreds of thousands monthly here. why can’t you do the same?

Since I discovered this strategy, making a living from Nairaland and other platforms has been without struggle.

My story:

I used to be ashamed of answering questions in class (primary school).
In fact, most times, I knew the answers,
but because I lacked the confidence to raise my hand, I would sit there while people fumbled.

Many times, the exact answer I had in mind was exactly what the teacher would say.

I continued this trend even in the university.

Lots of times, I knew the answers to questions asked by my lecturers.. but for the “what if I’m wrong feeling”, I just sat back.

Something happened during one of those days – my low self esteem and timidity were throwing a party.

Our EE101 lecturer had not been coming to class for almost the whole semester.

He showed up a week to our exams to hold a revision class.

He asked a “question” from his first class with us and nobody could remember.

I was amazed at how no one could remember and sat back.

I knew the answer even before he completed the question.

My lecturer became pissed and stood there staring in utter shock at the class!

After about 5 minutes, his countenance clouded.

Still contemplating if I should be the redeemer of the class, a lady stood up and made an attempt to answer the question…

In spite of the fact that her answer wasn’t particularly correct.

Instantly my lecturer scored her an “A” in the course and failed us.

We had to redo the course the following year.

I hated myself because, though I knew the answer to his question, I sat there and it not only cost me an “A”, it also added an extra year to my course!

After that incident, I answered every question in class even when I had the wrong answers and people laughed.

Most of us have lost opportunities, money and friends thanks to keeping quiet.

We’ve had the solution to solve a need but kept it to ourselves, letting people suffer pain for failing to showing up.

It ends now!

Don’t be the secret cause of someone’s death.

I wrote this post to reveal to you something that can change your life.

It can get you a job and make you money.

The use of this strategy is endless if you would only try.

This strategy is applicable to other areas of your life too.

Using this strategy here on this group has made me money.

Here’s the secret:

You see, being calm (not posting, commenting or even liking) in a forum like this is good.

You learn secretly from others sharing value.

You are like those guys that “chop and clean mouth” and don’t say thank you.

And if your intention in this forum is just to learn, by all means stay quiet and watch others make thousands and millions, connect and even find purpose.

I understand we all are in here for different purposes.

But if you’ve got bills to pay like rent, fuel, school fees, toiletries or even need a way to express your purpose/passion, then this post if taken seriously will give you clarity on how you can make a living on nairaland and other forums.

You must SHOW UP and offer VALUE!

Here it goes…

Nairaland has over one million members and All you need to consistently make a living from nairaland is at least 500 people interested in what you do or sell and two different products.

As simple as that seems; many people don’t know it.

And even if they know, they don’t exactly know how to go about it.

They are not particularly sure of if they ought to comment or post about it.

There would always be two sets of people directly in need of your products and /or services.

The people who have a direct need for your products and services now and the people who would be needing your products and services in the future.

What you need to reach them:

Sell a service and a product.

1. Your first product should be very cheap and service very expensive.

2. Talk or post about each product at least three times in different ways in this forum, to a client or anyone with potential of purchasing from you.

How it works:

The first time someone is exposed to what you do, you attract their attention.
But, nothing is really taken in.. Thus,
“What is it?”

The second time is when the consumer or prospect begins to engage with the relevance of what you offer, and asks
“So what?”

The third exposure to what you do is when the viewer decides whether
“This is for me”, or whether they will
“Choose to forget it.”

If you do these things every month, you are guaranteed good income and recurring revenue every month.

There are other hidden benefits for doing this, but let’s do the math on just 500 people.


You sell video promotion and shoes.

Make 3 different post.

1. How to use your services or product – Post 1

2. What value your product or services brings and why it’s the best – Post 2

3. Share stories of people using your product or services (testimonials) – Post 3

Answer all questions on all post.

Let’s see what could be made from at least a 100 people.

Video promotion : Expensive 40,000

Shoes. : Cheap 1500(profit)

Shoes: 1,500 * 500 = 750,000 per month

Video promotion 40,000 * 500 = 20,000,000 per month.

Assuming I sell only 10% (100people) of both a month that would be 75,000 + 2000, 000 = N2,075,000.

This is a strategy you could practice over and over again once the first three posts has been made.

This is how you could pay yourself in six or even seven figures leveraging on the people in this forum.

So start now to prepare your post!
Show up, offer value and make an “A”!



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